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The drywall patch kit comes in three(3) sizes Standard, Medium, and Deluxe Large ceiling patch kit.
Designed for Wall & Ceiling hole repair International. Recommended for use on Sheetrock, plasterboard, and wall board.
more than four walls drywall also known as Wall bored, Sheetrock plasterboard is quite common and Widely used as a building materials especially on interior walls and ceilings . Drywall is basically gypsum mixed with fiber that is than pressed between two sheets of paper board and than dried in a Kiln.
When drywall becomes damaged ,drywall repairs necessary.The drywall patch kit is used to repair walls and ceiling holes and cracks.

What Size Hole Do You Have:

Standard: 6x6 or smaller
Medium : 8x10
Large - Deluxe 11x14

Standard drywall patch kit will repair holes up to 6 x 6 inches

Medium drywall patch kit will repair holes up to 8x10 inches

large -Deluxe drywall patch kit repairs holes up to 11 x 14 inches : Includes a custom large hole support system for ceilings and walls

large drywall hole repair and drywall ceiling hole repair require support system.

Filling large holes without
support system, will cause sagging, and failed attempt to make the repair.